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Nobody would ever SAY they hate someone for being mentally ill. Of course not!

-They hate them for being ‘immature’

-For being ‘needy’

-For having ‘outbursts’ or ’tantrums’

-For ’being depressing’ or ’bringing the mood down’

-For being ’flakey’ or ’disorganised’

-For being ’weird’ or ’awkward’
But if you judge people for:

-Displaying childlike features

-Fearing abandonment or being unable to function independently

-Being unable to regulate emotion

-Openly discussing their mood disorder or depressed thoughts

-Having memory or concentration problems, 
dissociative problems or disorganised thought

-For being eccentric, experiencing paranoia, or struggling to recognise social cues

You’re basically saying ’I don’t hate mentally ill people, I just hate the way that their disorder affects me’



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