Lukuvinkki: miltä etninen profilointi tuntuu?

”Police in Finland deny that they profile ethnic minorities. This position is neither supported by the mounting evidence of random stopping and checking of minorities nor by their own admission that they willingly target people who they consider as non-Finnish looking. In various media interviews, the police have openly admitted, without much trepidation, that they have approached people for identification, who ‘look foreign’, or people who ‘appear non-Finnish’.”

”Finding oneself the object of a selective police stop and search is sometimes described as only an embarrassing inconvenience, backed by law. But for the victims, ethnic profiling is often a humiliating and upsetting experience, with sometimes perilous tendencies. It destabilizes one’s sense of personal security and shatters self-worth. It creates uncertainties; it steals the innocence and the effortlessness of using and moving in public places and spaces; it instills in actual or potential victims the constant fear and suspicion of law enforcement.

Now, imagine, if you can, living this way, every day.”

”Countering ethnic profiling in European societies, and in the Finnish context in particular, must be the battlefront for the conscientious struggle against racism, xenophobia and bigotry in the 21st century.”


Uyi Osaze:


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