Lukuvinkki: ”On purettava ajatus siitä, että tuottavuus on elämän tarkoitus”

Unfortunately, shame, stigma and isolation are all too common experiences for those unable to keep up with the expectations of productivity.

From a young age we are taught that our bodies and our purpose is to produce within effective normative means. That in order to be something of worth, you must prove productivity. The ideology of productivity in life purpose extends far beyond the school system. Expectations of productivity range from being able to get out of bed on a bad day, reproduce children, ride a bike or be successful in an academic task. In failing to be useful, we are told we are not of value or valued as less than. It is these bodies that fail to meet social standards of productivity that are most often marginalized.

Many of the pressures of productivity that we face stem from socialization under capitalism.At the heart of capitalism is the idea of productivity. Our economic growth and over all measures of prosperity are labeled in measures such as GDP (Gross domestic product). The most valued and rewarded workers and general members of society are those who create the greatest output. Even children are set-up into systems that prepare them for this reality, through the issuing of grades which measure and reward productivity at an early age.


You do not exist to be used.

The body is not a tool to be used or disposed of regardless of your ability or productivity. Do not let any system or person convince you that you are disposable or less because you cannot be used to measure up to ablest notions of work. You are not here to fulfill a purpose or function that’s been set out for you that’s normative, expectable or respectable.

Your life is of purpose because it’s yours.  Because you’re here, you exist in this moment to be here to be as unapologetic and unwaveringly unproductive as you so desire. Life’s purpose is for you to define; its value is inherent

Lue loput: Gillian Giles,  “You Do Not Exist To Be Used”: Dismantling Ideas of Productivity in Life Purpose


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